Witty, Captivating Mystery Novels from Bestselling Author Carol Higgins Clark

Delve right into the electrifying adventures of Regan Reilly, the 31-year-old private investigator and main character of my bestselling series of mystery novels. As an author living in New York, New York, I am passionate about writing tales that combine edge-of-your-seat intrigue with breezy humor and fast-paced action.

My exciting, suspenseful books follow Regan's exploits as she tracks down killers one clue at a time. These stories have proven to be very popular among readers and have even been selected as a "Hot Read of the Week" by The Daily Beast. It is my hope that my series will help you forget your problems so you can simply enjoy spending time with Regan, and maybe even learn something new in the process!

I invite you to explore my site to learn more about me and my work. You will soon be able to find an outline of my book series, as well as a schedule of upcoming appearances, clips from interviews, and even a bi-weekly letter to my readers. Whether you want to inquire about appearing at your next function, learn more about my books, or simply want to say "hello," I look forward to hearing from you.

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